Religion in Irlon is tempestuous. For many generations, the only gods that were worshiped were the Gods of Chaos, elemental beings that were fickle and petty. Recently a new pantheon of gods has emerged. Their priests claim they are the protectors of the intelligent races are caretakers of the world. While the old gods are numerous and aloof, the new gods number only seven and their power is tangible. This has led many people who have heard their word spoken and seen miracles performed to convert to this new religion.

The Gods of Chaos: The Gods of Chaos are the old masters of Irlon, as well as other planes. They are known for shaping the land, giving life to the many creatures of Irlon, as well as natural disasters and storms. For hundreds of years, they were the only organized religion. Now their religion is under attack from the new gods, but they are not going quietly.

The New Gods: The pantheon of new gods is comprised of seven gods, each of which controls a certain domain. The religion sprang up seemingly out of nowhere when clerics and priests began performing miracles such as healing mortal wounds, curing crippling diseases, and even raising the dead.

Spirit Worship: Many races and cultures still worship spirits, be it ancestors, animal totems, or spirits that inhabit the natural world.


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