The Western Cities: A collection of city-states with various treaties providing preferred trading as well as alliances in the case of war.

The Griffon Empire: A once powerful human empire that is now struggling to maintain the territory it has conquered. Faced with a religious crisis adn growing rebellions in its outer provinces, the empire is becoming more brutal and repressive.

The Cursed Lands: Once the center of a powerful Tiefling Empire, the Cursed Lands are now home to devils, undead and other abominations. They roam the forests, mountains and countryside, attacking each other and others that are foolish enough to wander enter. Powerful devils and undead have managed to establish centers of power adn exert their influence on their weaker kin. None is as powerful as the Bloody Skull, whose influence often threatens neighboring regions.

The Golden Sea: The Golden Sea is a vast, borderless territory on the eastern continent of Irlon. Hot and dry, this savanna territory is host to violent predators and peaceful settlers. Tribes of humanoids roam the grassland following the herds, or settle near springs in farming communities. There are few roads except those used by traders that pass through the region seeking furs, ivory and similar goods.

Undermountain: The dwarven kingdom of Undermountain is situated in the Ogres Teeth Mountains. The kingdom has existed for over a thousand years, first founded in the 442nd year of the Age of Wonders by the patriarchs of five clans. Their master craftsmanship is valued throughout Irlon for its precision and intricacy. The main halls and tunnels of Undermountain are filled with statues and relief’s. The tunnels lead throughout the mountains to the many halls of the clans.


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