The Heavens Tremble

Fighting Pays

Theren – 6th of Menia:

We awoke in the morning with tired bodies and souls but the excitement of another day full of the unknown.
Immediately, we ran to the coliseum to get our spot in the events to occur there that day. Denton set us up with a spot at three in the afternoon. We took the opportunity to grab some biscuits, which were generously provided for free by a street vendor who saw us in battle the prior day.
Not wanting to waste any time, we made our way to the hall of wisdom to meet with a seer who might be able to help us find that which we seek. We ran into a gentleman who informed us we would have an hour to wait for our audience. We made idle chatter, waiting for our turn to speak with the seers.
Finally, the sages beckoned us in, offering to solve our little problem for a mere 17,000 gold. We offered that they wager on our upcoming gladiatorial match, which they were uninterested in. The seer suggested that we take our own advice and bet on our match. We offered him ten gold for information on a trustworthy business partner, which he accepted.
Making our way across town uneventfully, we struck a deal with the aforementioned fellow at the Red Raven Tavern. He conceded a 10% share for our accompanying an Eladrin named Soveliss.
Arriving at the arena, Sovellis was there waiting for us. We all sat with anticipation of our battle as we watched men unknown to us striking one another down…Our turn, stepping into an arena that had now become familiar to us; the crowd was cheering our name as if we were their own. A charging orc appeared from the gate opposite. This will be easy, I thought, you’ve seen what we can do, offer us a challenge! Before I could finish my thought, out poured ten, twenty, thirty…a lot of the previously lone orc’s brethren. We make the first move, with Quixx and dropping a flurry of blows that brings a group to their knees…later Soveliss unleashed a maelstrom of lightning from his blade, laying waste to another large group of orcs. Victorious, we waved to the cheering fans and exited whence we came to collect our prize.
We were handed 45 platinum pieces at the completion of the battle. We brought our booty back to the bookie. Like the businessman I am, I’ve calculated that, after paying Soveliss’ 1000g debt, we have a respectable 11,720g to our name. Drat…still short. Off to the coliseum again. Boratt Crowfinger wants an audience with us at 10PM tonight. Being 4PM, we waste time loitering and feasting.
A battle the likes of which we had never seen – let alone been involved in – took place that night. The crowd roared, Aiden rises from the dead, throwing his sword and killing Borratt. 27,440 gold. That should do it.
Rest up for the evening at a local inn; wake to visit the seers. New seer this time around. Three questions. We ask him to “Consult the Oracle”, and offer him the 9,000 gold we owe. 18,440. We ask the Oracle for the location of the chalice “nearest geographical landmark”….he replies that it is in the white forest. “who has it?” The Winter King Marik has it. “What is the significance of the chalice?” It’s a component of a divine ritual.



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